Wednesday, February 19, 2014

That Awkward Moment

  • Released Internationally on 27/01/14
  • Released in Malta by KRS on 19/02/14
Review (19/02/14)
3-word review: Clichés, Clichés, Clichés.
Ah, dating. The perennial topic. It’s usually an easy sell when promoting your film – as the characters struggle through their romantic toils, viewers are either going to relate to them, or simply enjoy the gossip. But when films like this are churned out every other month, it takes something extra to make yours stand out.
This film tries to stand out by focusing, amongst the usual dating moments, on the ‘So’. “So… where is this going?”, etc. According to the voice over, nothing good can follow once your other half thrusts the ‘so’ into your conversation.
Other than that not-so-ground-breaking attempt at an original idea, the film is merely an amusing mix of tired clichés. The adult humour, the wing woman instead of the wingman, the ‘pact’ between close friends, the misunderstood dress code. There are a few moments of insightful dialogue, and a handful of entertaining minor characters, but otherwise is passes like an average episode of your second-favourite sitcom.



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