Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Movie 43


  • Released Internationally on 01/01/13
  • Released in Malta by KRS on 06/03/13

Preview (first published 01/02/13 in VIDA Magazine)

I have no idea why there are so many big names in this film. I’m hoping there’s some surprise in store, but so far it just looks like tonnes of A-class talent was somehow convinced to appear in a film which stoops to ‘Scary Movie’ levels of humour, and unprecedented levels of bad taste. There must be a catch. Which is probably why I for one will end up watching it - hoping against hoping that there’s some twisted brilliance in there, and that the horrendous trailer was all part of the plan. I’m not, however, optimistic.



Review (05/03/13)

Whether this impressive array of fine actors will even show this film on their résumé is debatable, but for us viewers it is unfortunately something we can never un-watch. I had never before felt embarrassed to be watching a film with others around me, but for some reason I did in this case - it’s that painfully bad.

It’s basically a series of sketches, lasting a few minutes each. In some cases, I can easily see how the original concept looked funny on paper - for example, a date with a guy who seems perfect, until he takes his scarf off at the restaurant and he has a pair of testicles instead of his Adam's apple, which nobody seems to notice except his shocked date partner. But, as each sketch unfolds, the overall feeling is one of disgust and disbelief, with not an audible chuckle throughout. The filmmakers might be trying to make a sketch film of Monty Python proportions, but besides failing miserably on nearly all of the sketches involved, they also undermine the whole project by trying to link the sketches together with the most ridiculous, badly acted and stupid story backbone. I suspect I might (just might) have marginally enjoyed the film had it been simply the sketches lined up back to back.

Amongst the acting talent that redeem themselves are Jason Sudeikis (Horrible Bosses), who is enthusiastic and funny as an annoying Batman in a sketch about speed dating for superheroes. But, inevitably, the sketch deteriorates to a point where you desperately wish it was over. This seems to be the general trend, and not a single sketch ends on a good note. One sketch (‘The Proposition’), would have been a good 20-second joke, but as a 10-minute sketch it ends up with the dubious honour of being the most disgusting and unfunny sketch of them all.

It’s hard to recommend this film to anyone, although there must be people out there who find it funny, since it did get made and released after all. Or maybe I should have watched it drunk.





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